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Last updated: Nov 23, 2016



Tourist Attractions in Xiamen

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Bright Moon Garden

Bright Moon Garden (click to enlarge)

The garden is located in the southeast of the island, facing the LuJiang harbor. The garden occupies an area of nearly 20,000 square kilometers. It was established in August 1985. The Zheng Chenggong Statue, standing between the sky and the earth, is the main structure of the garden. It is 15.7 meters in height, and is the biggest Chinese historical figure statue.

Shuzhuang Park

Shuzhuang Park (click to enlarge)

Shuzhuang Park is situated on the seashore south to the Sunlight Rock. Architecturally the park is very cleverly designed by taking advantage of the mountain and the sea. Inside the park there are several beautiful views such as Renqiu Pavilion, the Forty-four Bridge, the Piled-up Rocks, the artificial hills, and the Insensate Rock Room. And there is a world-famous piano museum in it.

Sunlight Rock

Sunlight Rock (click to enlarge)

Sunlight Rock, the summit of Gulangyu Isle with an altitude of 92.68 m, is on the Dragen Head Hill. It's also called "Huang Rock". Pavilions are hidden among green trees. If you get up the steps, you will come to the Lotus Flower Nunnery first, where a huge rock named ''Yipianwa(a Piece of Tile)''. Beside the nunnery there are large rocks with inscriptions like ''Wonderland of Gulang'', and ''No.1 along the Egret River".

Yundang Lakeview

Yundang Lakeview (click to enlarge)

Yundang Lake is located right in the central of Xiamen island, with a 17 thousand sq. kms of water. Across the lake is Egret Park, covering an area of 100 thousand sq. meters, linking People's Congress Hall, South Lake Park and West Dyke Park, forming a new tourist attraction.

Aoyuan (Turtle Garden)

Aoyuan (Turtle Garden) (click to enlarge)

The Turtle Garden was constructed in 1950 by Mr. Tan Kah-Kee on the former site of "Turtle Head Palace" from which came its present name. In the centre of the garden is the Jimei Liberation Monument with an inscription by Mao Zedong on the front and a tablet record written by Mr. Tan Kah-Kee on the back.
(from Website of Xiamen Powerlong Hotel and Xiamen Tourism Bureau)

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Tour Xiamen
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  17. Shuzhuang Park
  18. Sunlight Rock
  19. Yuandan Lakeview
  20. Aoyuan (Turtle Garden)
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