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Last updated: Nov 23, 2016



Tourist Attractions in Xiamen

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Jinbang Park

Jinbang Park (click to enlarge)

Jinbang Park is in the center of Xiamen City and besides the railway station. There are four main sites inside the park. It is a nice place for meditating on the past.

Huxiyan Rock

Huxiyan Rock (click to enlarge)

Huxiyan Rock is located southwest to the Wanshi Botanical Garden. There are many rock holes like: Tiger's Teech Hole, Moon Night Hole. There you can overlook Xiamen clearly. In lunar 15th day, it's a wonderful place to enjoy the bright moon. Thus it was called "moon night of tiger brook". Crossing Huxiyan Rock is white deer hole, two clay white deers crouch down in front of the hole. In hot days, steam float out of the cracks, so it was called "white deer with steam".

Haicang Qingjiao Ciji Palace

Haicang Qingjiao Ciji Palace (click to enlarge)

Ciji Palace is in the Dongming Mountain Haicang County. It offers sacrifice to famous doctor Wu Zhenren in North Song Dynasty. Being built in South Song Dynasty, the palace has a long history and is called the Zugong (ancestor palace). The palace not only has a splendid outlooking but also keeps many culture relics.

Hulishan Hill Fort

Hulishan Hill Fort (click to enlarge)

Located beside Xiamen University, the ports was build in the Guangxi period of Qing Dynasty. In the Fort there displays many Qing's Artilleries. The great Cannon is one of the two cannons bought from Germany which defeated a Japanese warship in Qing Dynasty.

Hongshan Park

Hongshan Park (click to enlarge)

Hongshan Park is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in xiamen. When it rains, wind flow there, the rain float with the wind that wind bring the rain drop and rain drops fly with wind. So called "rain weaver".
(from Website of Xiamen Powerlong Hotel and Xiamen Tourism Bureau)

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Tour Xiamen
  1. Wanshi Botanical Garden
  2. Brahma Monastery
  3. Sunrise on Hongji Summit
  4. Five Old Gentlemen Peaks
  5. Taiping Rock
  6. Heaven Border Temple
  7. Twelve-Dragon Pool
  8. Huandaolu Road
  9. Haicang Bridge
  10. Jingzhou Park
  11. Jinbang Park
  12. Huxiyan Rock
  13. Haicang Qingjiao Ciji Palace
  14. Hulishan Hill Fort
  15. Hongshan Park
  16. Bright Moon Garden
  17. Shuzhuang Park
  18. Sunlight Rock
  19. Yuandan Lakeview
  20. Aoyuan (Turtle Garden)
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